We’re at the halfway point, and the next scientist to leave Fluorine is….

It’s really hotting up now, and the scientists are really under pressure!

The votes have been counted, and the next scientist to get evicted in this zone is…

Sarah Bardsley

Sarah we are sad to see the last girl leave the fluorine zone! Thank you so much for all your time and energy. You will be greatly missed. We have all enjoyed learning about your work with the environment agency.

This leaves only Paul and Mark to fight it out for the prize tomorrow.

Who will be the victor? Only the students can decide!

Keep voting. And may the best scientist win.

Please leave any goodbye messages that you have for Sarah below.

Posted on June 24, 2010 by ModShane in News.

4 Responses to We’re at the halfway point, and the next scientist to leave Fluorine is….

  1. Moderator - Hannah says:

    Bye Sarah. It has been really nice getting to know you and learning about your work. We hope you have enjoyed taking part.

  2. paulroche says:

    Hi Sarah, sorry you’ve been evicted, hopefully a decent gym session will help you get over this! I can’t see anyone but Mark winning this zone, and I’m amazed to still be in at this stage, but it’s been great fun (despite the damage to my fingers from all that speed-typing!) and it’s been nice chatting to you and the other scientists, and seeing your answers to the students questions.

  3. sarahbardsley says:

    Thanks guys. Good luck to both of you Paul and Mark! I’ve loved your answers, you both have a real talent for describing come complex theories and ideas in an interesting and simple way. Its been really fun and inspiring. x

  4. markroberts says:

    Sarah – Gutted – I’m really surprised as I thought it would be you and Paul as the final two!

    Has been nice chattin with you and seeing your different take on the students questions.

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